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Helping the next generation of dancers to be healthier, stronger, and smarter.

Welcome to Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy, LLC. Here, our professionals know that when a dancer is injured it affects not only their physical self but also their emotional wellbeing. We are committed to ensuring a healthy and safe return to dance while providing a recovery environment that is nurturing and supportive to both the patient and their family.  

We also aim to educate our patients about injury prevention by equipping them with the steps needed to take care of their bodies in the future. Our team has an extensive and personal knowledge about dance and are able to help the dancer effectively navigate this unique world.


Samara DiMattia, M.S.P.T.

Samara is founder and director of Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy. She has over 17 years of experience working with elite dancers, gymnasts and figure skaters. Samara grew up as a dancer in NYC and was a scholarship student at both Joffrey and Steps before attending Laguardia High School of the Performing Arts as a dance major. She went on to graduate with honors from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she designed her own field of study in Dance Medicine and Science. Samara then danced professionally  with various companies while working as a certified personal trainer and as physical therapist aide at Westside Dance Physical Therapy. She worked under the tutelage of Marika Molnar  who is one of the pioneers of the field of Dance Medicine and  PT for New York City Ballet. Samara then attended New York Medical College where she earned her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy and graduated cum laude. 

Samara has been practicing in Fairfield county since 2000 and in 2007 founded Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy. She has been asked by numerous dance companies and studios to lecture on the topics of injury prevention, pointe readiness and nutrition. Samara can be seen in the instructional DVD Points on Pointe  with Stephanie Marini.  She is a physical therapist in residence at several dance schools where she conducts on site PT evaluations and helps to administer pointe readiness exams. 

At the heart of Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy's practice is Samara's integrative approach to PT drawing from her background in dance, manual therapy and personal training. She loves connecting with her patients on a personal level and helping them to accomplish their goals. Samara has had patients go on to dance  with American Ballet Theater, Paris Opera Ballet, Boston Ballet, Ballet West, LA Ballet, Riverdance as well as  participate in the Olympic games. 


Pamela Bugden, LMT

Pamela is a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist graduate of Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and she joined the Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy team over six years ago.  At a young age she became an avid figure skater and runner. Since working at Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy, she has developed a new love for dance. After seeing the amount of work dancers put into their art, she has learned how important this work is in helping dancers to reach their goals. She believes it is important to approach every massage differently, catering to the patient's specific needs for rehabilitation along with focusing on relaxation.  Pamela's technique fuses clinically based deep tissue and trigger point with myofasical release and stretching to restore and assist the natural healing process. 



Shandra Beaty,  Billing Wizard

Shandra joined Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy in July 2018 as our Office/Billing Manager. With 12 years of experience in health care, her knowledge includes all aspects of health care billing and services for health care providers. Shandra enjoys medical billing because of the vast variety of situations she finds herself in; whether with patients, insurance companies, or just helping her co-workers. Shandra has always had a love for dance and has experience in teaching which makes being a part of Connecticut Dance Therapy is an amazing opportunity!